Navigating the Climate Frontier:
Strategies for a More Sustainable Maine

Catch Team Solect at the 2nd Annual Summit on Maine’s Economy & Climate Change

May 9th, 2024, 8am to 5pm | Augusta Civic Center, Augusta, Maine


A step closer to a greener Maine

Distributed generation (DG), characterized by decentralized power production through onsite solar and battery storage systems, has wide-ranging economic, environmental, and societal advantages. DG holds the potential to enhance ratepayer savings significantly (projected to reach as high as $473 billion by 2050 in the USA). Let’s explore how Solect Energy can assist businesses, municipalities, and nonprofits in adopting tailored solar and battery energy storage solutions and accelerate Maine’s journey toward a healthier, greener, and cleaner future.

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Solect Energy has successfully delivered 750+ solar projects for diverse entities, including CRE, C&I, and municipal and nonprofit organizations, generating an impressive 140+ megawatts of clean energy throughout New England. Explore our diverse portfolio, showcasing notable projects developed over the years. Additionally, we provide Operations and Maintenance services for all the projects we install as well as those we don’t.

Come see us at the conference and let’s discuss how your business can contribute to ushering in a more sustainable tomorrow for Maine while boosting your revenue and optimizing savings. If attending isn’t possible, we’re happy to schedule a conversation with you another time. Simply complete this form and click “Let’s Connect”, and we’ll be in touch within one business day.  

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